Acne and depression



What is ACNE?

ACNE is nails running down a chalkboard.
Acne depression
ACNE is bird poop on your freshly detailed ride.

ACNE is the hot coffee spill on your fresh white T.
What acne feels like


ACNE is the thoughts and feelings of self-defeat that can keep you up at night.
It’s not something to take lightly. Acne is a debilitating condition that can leave one feeling powerless.

Treatment for acne
Covering up acne due to depression
Recovering from acne

This is where I come in.

Here at BEAUTY BOUTIQUE LA, my team and I try our hardest to quiet those lies in your head. It is our passion to take you from the skin you feel deeply embarrassed by to radiant skin that is so clear your spirit is beaming also.

Check out our before and after progress pics below. The proof is in the pics-the unfiltered and untouched pics that is.

acne before and after

As always feel free to contact the salon 818-506-6400 or email me at if you want to chat about your skin conditions, goals or concerns.

All my love and thrive on beautiful babies,

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