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Light, Bright!

If you are of a certain generation (uh hum, clearing throat) you will know what this goofy contraption is. If you’re not from said generation don’t worry about it just focus on LIGHT and BRIGHT. A lot of us struggle with skin discoloration. Be it the sun damaging our skin causing melasma or a long battle with acne ... More

To every season turn, turn, turn…

As promised in my last blog post, here is the post on renewal and refreshing your beauty routine with the incoming new season. So we are upon spring now and the weather and vibe and winds of change are well, changing. This is a far different time than where we were just 3 months ago. So what does that mean for our skincare ... More


Is Microcurrent therapy the way to go to keep your skin in shape? Microcurrent therapy is not unlike working out with your hot trainer. In layman’s terms, Microcurrent is used for recalibrating the tissue in your skin and all the components necessary for youthful skin function. Basically, Microcurrent is a workout for your face. ... More