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Product of the week: Epicuren SOOTHE DERMAL REPAIR BALM

Product of the week is Epicuren's SOOTHE DERMAL REPAIR BALM. This is such a hydrating, healing balm perfect for this time of year. If you feel your skin is acting sensitively or dry and crepey this balm heals, soothes, and hydrates your skin. Perfect antidote for winter skin issues. Ease your dry, sensitive skin with this luxuriously ... More

Product of the week: Epicuren Brazilian Propolis Mist

I am so excited to announce that Epicuren's Brazilian Propolis is BAAAAAACK!!! Brazilian Propolis This unique and nourishing toner is especially good for problematic skin types to help promote the healing process and inhibit bacteria, while restoring the pH of the skin. The perfect conditioning, bioflavonoid-rich solution ... More

Product of the week: Glycolic Lotion Skin Peel 5%

If you remember back to when you were a kid, you would get a blemish or a sore and the skin would heal itself very quickly. As we age this cellular transaction slows down. This is why Epicuren's Glycolic lotion skin peel is one of my ALL time favorite products. The glycolic mimics this fast rate of healing we had in our youth...yes, please.... More

Product of the week: Le Mieux TGF Booster

OK, so it is Monday, and that means we are revealing our product of the week. This product happens to be one of my personal use favorites. TGF-BOOSTER SERUM So "What is that?" you ask. TGF stands for TISSUE GROWTH FACTOR in SERUM form. And "What does it do?" you ask. PROMOTES COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS AND PREVENTS COLLAGEN BREAKDOWN... More

Product of the week – Osmosis Polish

It's Monday! So that means it's time to check out the new product of the week! I LOVE THIS EXFOLIATING CRANBERRY YUMMINESS! Polish is our delicious cranberry enzyme-smoothing, peptide-firming, antioxidant mask. It is a mild, exfoliating mask that gives the skin a smooth, healthy appearance with each application through the use of ... More

Need help getting ready for the summer season?

Summer is nearly upon us, and that usually means our calendars are inundated with social events, from weddings to beach parties, to barbecues. Naturally, you want to look your best, but where do you find the time to visit, and organize and schedule all the visits you need to make to get your lashes, brows and skin in pristine condition and ... More