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5 Skin Care Resolutions For 2017

With the New Year upon us at last, it's time to rethink your skin care regimen. Each season brings different problems for your skin, and there are different kinds of products and treatments to help. There are also some things you should always be doing regardless of the season. Here's a quick guide on what you should be doing to take proper ... More

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Treatments – Which One is Best for Your Skin?

Facial treatments, such as Microdermabrasion, are a great way to relieve or prevent multiple skin conditions on your face. Whether you want to look younger, treat blemishes such as acne, rehydrate dry skin, or something else there will be a facial treatment designed to help you. Here is a list of common treatments so you know which one is the ... More

Summer Sun, Summer Sweat, Summer Refresh

I’ve said many times before that I love summer! It is my favorite season. I love the heat. I love to sweat and I love to wear tanks and flip flops. That all sounds great and amazing, right? Well… let me give you a little B.O. back story. I haven’t worn conventional antiperspirant deodorant ... More

June Gloom? Not here!

June is the month here in LA where the marine layer coats the sky like soup causing a delay in the morning vibrancy of the sun's powerful healing rays. Similar to June Gloom we can also experience a dip in our emotions. Half the year has vanished and what are we doing? Where are we going? Am I getting everything I want from life? ... More

Introducing the TRINITY facial!

We have a new skin treatment here at Beauty Boutique LA. It is a 3 in 1 treatment combining a mini peel, microdermabrasion, and microcurrent. This power packed collabo stimulates blood flow, polishes off dead skin, and finally the microcurrent lifts, tightens, and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This power triad is the holy ... More

Sexify your Summer skin: What’s in your bag?

Well summer is here and I can definitely be the first to say I am “stoked its summer!” - My favorite season. Period. Let's list just a few perks summer brings with her when she blows into town and posts up for a few months. The Sun - How I love the sun. The sun gives us much-needed vitamin D. Vitamin D protects from ... More

Go MACRO with your MICROS! – The Lunchtime facelift is here!

If you are wondering how you can maximize your skincare routine and become immune to gravity’s not so funny joke, what I am about to tell you will make your frown turn upside down (take that, gravity!). I offer a treatment called The Lunchtime Facelift that you can do in the time it takes for you to head out and overpay for a lunch ... More

Light, Bright!

If you are of a certain generation (uh hum, clearing throat) you will know what this goofy contraption is. If you’re not from said generation don’t worry about it just focus on LIGHT and BRIGHT. A lot of us struggle with skin discoloration. Be it the sun damaging our skin causing melasma or a long battle with acne ... More

Acne and depression

ACNE: (A)nnoying (C)oncern (N)ever (E)nding What is ACNE? ACNE is nails running down a chalkboard. ACNE is bird poop on your freshly detailed ride. ACNE is the hot coffee spill on your fresh white T. And ACNE is the thoughts and feelings of self-defeat that can keep you up at night. It's not something to take ... More

To every season turn, turn, turn…

As promised in my last blog post, here is the post on renewal and refreshing your beauty routine with the incoming new season. So we are upon spring now and the weather and vibe and winds of change are well, changing. This is a far different time than where we were just 3 months ago. So what does that mean for our skincare ... More