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The Ultimate Guide to Facial Treatments – Which One is Best for Your Skin?

Facial treatments, such as Microdermabrasion, are a great way to relieve or prevent multiple skin conditions on your face. Whether you want to look younger, treat blemishes such as acne, rehydrate dry skin, or something else there will be a facial treatment designed to help you. Here is a list of common treatments so you know which one is the ... More

Acne and depression

ACNE: (A)nnoying (C)oncern (N)ever (E)nding What is ACNE? ACNE is nails running down a chalkboard. ACNE is bird poop on your freshly detailed ride. ACNE is the hot coffee spill on your fresh white T. And ACNE is the thoughts and feelings of self-defeat that can keep you up at night. It's not something to take ... More

Does your skincare go the distance? #LIFEGOALS

In this day and age of instant gratification we tend to gravitate toward the “quick fix”, “instant results” and oh, an example of this obsession with instant gratification-remember the “7-minute abs”, then to beat that they came out with the “6-minute abs”. We are frightfully learning to be unable to cope with time tested, ... More

PCOS and what this FEMALE SYNDROME has to do with your SKIN!

I have seen a running theme on my treatment table. Clients come in for the first time having read my YELP reviews on the Beauty Boutique LA Yelp page or the Skin Sacred by Natalie Bolton Yelp page, hoping that since I have helped others that I can possibly help them with their skin. I have had new clients walk in and fall on my ... More

Acne: the silent killer

Did that headline get your attention? Well, that was my intention. Acne IS the silent killer. The killer of self-esteem The killer of confidence The killer of security in showing up in the world And acne can also be the killer of one's ability to be social; causing intense isolation. Acne is annoying and aggravating at best and ... More