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Tis The Season: 5 Reasons to Gift a Facial for Christmas

If you're thinking of what to get the important women of your life for Christmas, a great gift idea is a facial treatment! The nasty fact of the cold winter months is that it is awful for your skin in almost every way. For women of all ages and skin types, winter causes havoc and exacerbates any issues they already have. Thankfully there are ... More

Eyelash Extensions: A Complete Guide to Treatments & Maintenance

Thinking of getting eyelash extensions but aren't sure if you really want them or not? You can make an informed decision if you knew more about what is involved in the process. From the treatment itself, to the maintenance afterwards to keep them looking great, we have a complete guide to Eyelash Extensions for you. Eyelash Extension ... More

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Treatments – Which One is Best for Your Skin?

Facial treatments, such as Microdermabrasion, are a great way to relieve or prevent multiple skin conditions on your face. Whether you want to look younger, treat blemishes such as acne, rehydrate dry skin, or something else there will be a facial treatment designed to help you. Here is a list of common treatments so you know which one is the ... More

The DETOXING power of Vitamin C!!!

From Flintstones' vitamins to the most sophisticated new IV vitamin treatments, we here are blessed to have access to our supplements. And one nutrient that elevates above the rest is VITAMIN C. This is why I, along with my Registered Dietician, are dedicating an entire afternoon of beauty to celebrate your skin and body with ... More