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Fabulous Lashes by Kristen – Before and After

Sometimes a blog posters' life is easy, because they've been handed an amazing piece of content that shouts from the rooftops, "Hey, look at me! I'm great content!!", making the words that surround it somewhat irrelevant and invisible, because it's all about the content. Today, Kristen has made my life super easy, as she has given me a piece ... More

Be an armchair wrinkle-fighting Warrior: In other words-Home Remedies to combat wrinkles and fine lines (PART Deux)

In my blog last week I wrote about ways to avoid wrinkles. We do certain things everyday that either prevent aging or enhance the speed of the aging process… And as promised, I have written an informative post on MY FAVORITE HOME INGREDIENTS that help with aging, acne, and other skin concerns we have. So, without further ado, let’s get ... More

Be an armchair wrinkle-fighter: In other words- Home Remedies to combat wrinkles and fine lines (PART 1)

This post is happily dedicated to the good ol’ wrinkle. Well, better stated, it is dedicated to the absence of said wrinkle. Below I quickly typed out some really simple ways to kill a wrinkle’s vibe. Part 2 will be some of my go-to ingredients and products you may have sitting around your kitchen that can be “re-purposed” for ... More

No one likes a Micromanager…

However, MICROdermabrasion is a beautiful thing to be embraced by all. MIcrodermabrasion is a type of skin refresher and polisher that exfoliates the stagnant top layer of dead skin cells. The treatment is used to minimize uneven tones, discoloration, light scarring, sun damage, and even helps with stretch marks. Another perk of having a ... More


So, how many of you are beyond stoked about the next upcoming weekends? Well, that's good, you should be. "What happens at Coachella stays at Coachella" well, all the unmentionables, that is. What can come back with you to haunt your pretty little minds is sun-damage, the effects of drinking/smoking, and the punishment your skin ... More

Beauty Boutique gets featured in Boulevard Magazine!

Check out the great editorial and review Boulevard Magazine did on Beauty Boutique. Laurie, Natalie and Kristen, our resident lash and skincare goddesses, did a great job in telling the magazine about our salon, the services we offer, and why our clients climb mountains, swim oceans, traverse deserts and travel across continents to make sure ... More

Welcome to the new and improved Beauty Boutique website!

Welcome to the new and improved Beauty Boutique website! If you've made it this far, you'll have discovered that as well as having a new website that is mobile friendly, we also have a new blog. Over the coming months we'll be filling the blog with beauty tips ranging from skincare to makeup and everything in between, and we ... More