Eyelash Extensions FAQ

  • What are eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash Extensions are a series of semi-permanent synthetic lashes applied individually to your existing eyelashes. The application of the eyelash extensions adds additional length, volume and curl to your existing lashes. The final look can be very natural, glamorous, or somewhere in between, making them perfect for everyday wear, or that special occasion.

  • Why do you use Xtreme Lashes?

    Xtreme Lashes has appeared in more publications than any eyelash extension company in the U.S. market. It is currently the number one choice of many runway models and celebrities around the world! Xtreme Lashes are painless weightless and water resistant so you can sweat, swim or shower worry free! Scroll down to read more about this amazing procedure. AN IMPORTANT NOTE FROM XTREME LASHES Xtreme Lashes™ sells our premium eyelash extension kits ONLY for use by Professionals in the beauty, health, medical, or dental industries to insure that our products are in the safest hands possible. We require professionals to present proof of their professional credentials before purchasing our products. Credentials are also verified at the Training Workshops. Please support only those companies that limit sales of product only for use by Professionals in the beauty or medical and health industries and require professional hands-on training. Think about it. This product in the hands of untrained, non-professionals is irresponsible and damaging to the success of the industry as a whole. Most of our competitors are focused on quick profits and do not enforce ANY requirements regarding training or professional credentials. Please carefully consider whether or not you should align yourself with a company that is willing to risk damaging your industry for the sake of short-term profits. Although it may initially limit our sales, Xtreme Lashes™ is committed to the long term future of this industry. Xtreme Lashes™ is dedicated to offering the finest eyelash extensions, accessories and training. Xtreme Lashes™ has dedicated significant resources toward on-going product development to consistently improve our products and training. In the final analysis, the company with the best products, training and customer service is the company that is really honoring its commitment to its customers. Every item marketed by Xtreme Lashes™ has been manufactured and tested for optimum quality. We are confident that you and your clients will be absolutely satisfied.

  • What do lash extensions look like?

    With proper application by a skilled lash stylist, your lash extensions will look completely natural and as if you were born with long, beautiful lashes.

  • How long do eyelash extensions last?

    With a bit of care and TLC, each lash extension, when properly applied, should outlast the natural growth cycle of your natural lash. After you've had a full set applied by one of our lash stylists, we'll make sure you leave with all the info you need to properly look after your new beautiful lashes.

  • How often should I get refills/touch-ups?

    We recommend you book in for a refill every 2/3 weeks to maintain your eyelash extensions. If you leave too long between refills, too many of your lashes will fallen out for us to maintain the look, and in that case, we'd have to book you in for a full set again. Your natural eyelashes fall off every 60 - 90 days due to the natural growth cycle and are naturally replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. When the eyelash falls out naturally, so will the attached extension and the eyelash that has grown in its place will need a new lash extension.

  • What kind of adhesive do you use?

    Beauty Boutique LA uses formaldehyde free, surgical grade, hypo-allergenic adhesive.

  • I have sensitive skin, will my skin have a reaction to the adhesive?

    The adhesive is only ever applied on the natural lash, and never on to the skin. However, if you have a specific concern, we can arrange for a consultation and a patch test if required.

  • Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

    When applied by a skilled lash stylist, they will make sure that they only use lash extensions that are capable of being supported by your natural lash both in terms of weight and length.

  • Can I wear eye makeup or mascara?

    Yes, you can wear eye makeup and mascara, but you need to make sure any products you use around your lash extensions are water based, and not oiled based. Oil based products will loosen the bond between the natural lash and the lash extension and as a result, it will fall out sooner.