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For vacations in sunny locations, a special occasion, the new dress you have just purchased or as part of your everyday beauty routine, waxing is something many of us will try at some point, and our parlor has the best wax in Studio City, CA. Whether it is something you regularly do or something you treat yourself to for a particular upcoming event, Beauty Boutique LA offers expert waxing and hair removal service in LA for both men and women.

We use the highest quality soft wax, and hard blue wax to remove both facial and body hair with ease and as little pain as possible. All of our staff is fully trained, with experience in a range of waxing techniques and aim to put you at ease with a friendly and trustworthy approach.

At Beauty Boutique LA, we specialize in sensitive and gentle full body wax and facial hair removal. The treatments you receive will be tailored to you, taking into account any allergies or previous skin concerns you may have had, to avoid skin reactions and to ensure a beautiful result that keeps your skin feeling moisturized and healthy. Come schedule a wax in Studio City, CA today.

Removing Facial Hair

Our comprehensive waxing and hair removal services in LA cover all your needs, starting with facial hair. Beauty routines have become more intense and complex as we all enjoy looking our best. However, this can often become a little bit of a hassle, particularly when it comes to the removal of facial hair.

Save yourself time and effort by arranging an appointment at Beauty Boutique LA with one of our waxing technicians to discuss our bikini waxes, full body waxes, or the best eyebrow waxing in Los Angeles! The face is a very sensitive area, meaning it is even more important to seek the advice of a qualified and experienced beauty professional.

If you are looking for a Brazilian wax or bikini wax in Studio City, you can speak with your beautician about the look you want and what is best for you during a consultation at your waxing appointment. Our staff aims to make the experience as pleasant as possible for you, using gentle techniques to help you relax. There is no need to be embarrassed during a waxing appointment with Beauty Boutique LA, as we are experienced beauty professionals with knowledge of all of the latest hair removal trends and techniques. We want to make you feel comfortable so that Beauty Boutique LA becomes a regular feature in your beauty routine.

For a bikini wax or our popular Brazilian wax in Studio City, look no further than Beauty Boutique LA for all of your hair removal needs. Whether this is part of your regular beauty maintenance routine or you are getting ready for your summer vacation, we can help you feel your very best.

Natalie Bolton – Waxing Hair Removal Services

We offer a variety of facial waxing treatments that are mild on the skin and will quickly help you get rid of any unwanted hair around your face. You can opt for an individual treatment, such as a lip or chin waxing, which are extremely reasonable at only $15.00 each, or you can choose a full face wax. This will remove all excess or unwanted hair from around your face and hairline, resulting in a blank canvas for you to create your own, unique look.

Our skilled beauticians also perform the best eyebrow waxing in Los Angeles, including eyebrow shaping, a clean-up of your eyebrows, and eyelash treatments. If you’re looking for eyelash tinting near me, Beauty Boutique LA can arrange an appointment for you to have your eyebrows waxed and your eyelashes tinted in the same procedure, for your convenience.

A full eyebrow wax will shape your eyebrows to enhance your natural beauty, creating a clear line for you to follow when plucking. If you are in between eyebrow waxes or have recently had your eyebrows shaped, a clean-up of the small hairs that grow beneath the defined line of your brows is best for you. We can perform eyebrow waxing and clean-up for you every few weeks, to maintain your brows to suit the shape of your face.

Full Body Wax

Beauty Boutique LA can also assist you with body waxing, including arms, legs, and the bikini line to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. Choose exactly how much you would like to be removed and where with the option of full or half waxes for both your arms and your legs. This is especially popular in the summer months when our clients are preparing to go on vacation and will be wearing more dresses and skirts.

Allow our beauticians and waxing technicians to take care of your beauty maintenance with treatments for your underarm, back, and lower back waxing. These can range in price from $20.00 to $75.00, depending on the proportion of skin you wish to have waxed.

Waxing and Hair Removal for Men

We also provide a range of waxing and hair removal treatments for men, which are becoming increasingly popular among our customer base in LA and the surrounding areas. Waxing for men is now a widely requested treatment in our Californian salon.

Face & Chest Waxing For Men

We offer different forms of face waxing for men, designed especially for male skin, including for the ears, nose, and neck to help you maintain your look. This removes the hassle associated with attempting to trim these more sensitive areas around your face yourself. Each of these treatments is affordable priced, from $15.00 to $35.00 a session.

For more extensive hair removal, we offer back and chest waxing for men for between $50.00 and $75.00 depending on the treatment you opt for. All of our body hair removal options are based on the look that you want and what is most comfortable for you.

If you are looking for the best waxing salon near me that caters to both women and men, Beauty Boutique LA have a high standard of service, tailored to your needs, with a highly regarded reputation.

Smooth Skin in and Around LA

Finding a good bikini or Brazilian wax in Studio City with staff that you feel comfortable around and leave you with the soft and silky skin you desire can be difficult. At Beauty Boutique LA, we can answer any concerns you might have and advise you on a variety of products and lotions to prolong the feel of newly waxed and smooth skin once you have left the salon.

Our clients would recommend us and come from a number of areas in and around Los Angeles for our services, such as Valley Village, North Hollywood, Universal City and many more. We pride ourselves on providing a tranquil haven where you can indulge and pamper yourself, with treatments that cater to your beauty needs. The main priority of all of our beauty staff is to take care of you, helping to transform your look and enhance your natural beauty for six days a week. This means you can schedule a pampering and waxing appointment at any point during the week that suits you.

We can cater to whatever waxing needs you may have whether you are a regular customer with a preferred look or are preparing for a vacation, wedding, special occasion, or just a trip to the beach inspired by our bikini wax in Studio City. A trip to Beauty Boutique LA will always ensure you look and feel your very best when you leave, after a tranquil experience with treatments from a skilled beautician or esthetician. For high-quality waxing near me, Beauty Boutique LA is the salon you have been looking for.

If you want to book a waxing or hair removal appointment, call us today on (818) 506-6400 or email us at to make an appointment.

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