3 Eyebrow Treatments To Kick Off 2017

If you want to start off the new year with a new eyebrow look, there’s some great treatments that will help you find a great style. The right grooming and styling helps your eyebrows frame the rest of your face and highlight the right features. We advise that it’s best to have at least one professional treatment to create the shape or style, and you can then maintain it from home. Here’s a guide to three great eyebrow treatments you can ask for.

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Full Eyebrow Waxing

If you haven’t had any treatment or grooming done in a while, a full waxing is a great treatment to form the style and shape you want. It helps shape your eyebrows to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and face, and establishes a clear line that you can follow when you are plucking and maintaining them. Here’s how waxing works:

  • Small strips with hot wax are applied with a small spatula or applicator and used to remove lighter or fluffier hairs
  • Your beautician will focus on removing hair between and under your eyebrows
  • They might also trim your eyebrows at the top to establish a sharper line
  • In the end your brows will be symmetrical and draw a clear line that is easy to follow

Plucking or threading are alternatives, but full wax treatments are quicker, cheaper and easier for fully-grown out eyebrows to establish a clear shape. It can take several weeks to regrow and in the meantime you can use plucking to maintain the shape and lines or come in for a touch up treatment.

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping treatments usually involve partially regrown eyebrows that have not been cleaned or touched up in a while. However, this treatment does not require a full waxing to re-establish the shape from scratch. The shape can be re-established with plucking or threading. Here’s how it works:

  • Come in for a shaping after two to four weeks of regrowth
  • Come back in after a month for re-shaping once stray hairs start to affect your eyebrows’ shape and lines
  • The beauty specialist uses tweezers or other implements to clean up the shaping and lines of your eyebrows

You can maintain and clean your own eyebrows at home between treatments, and we advise slanted tweezers since they’re easier to use. You might find that you don’t trust yourself to pluck along the line without cutting into it, in which case you can see a professional to help.

Eyebrow Clean-up

This is a quicker and simpler treatment that’s really designed as a touch up. It’s something that you combine with other treatments when you’re already getting a facial, eyelash extensions or other waxing treatments. With a clean-up, your beauty professional will use mostly plucking and threading to get rid of any new, light, and regrown hairs that are starting to affect the clear lines you have shaped already. It’s a great way to make your initial shaping or waxing last without having to do it at home yourself.

Do you have questions about these 3 brow treatments? Our expert estheticians would be happy to answer them. To find out about pricing and other waxing service, please contact us.


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