Old vs. New Age: 3 Ways Modern Eyelash Extensions Are So Much Better

There may be something to be said for doing something the old fashioned way, but when it comes to eyelash extensions, they’ve only become better over time. The modern eyelash procedure you know and love have only really been around for a little while, but people have been trying to extend their eyelashes for hundreds of years. Some of them have gone to some very “creative” places to achieve longer and natural-looking lashes.

modern eyelash extensions

Find out how good you have it by discovering 3 ways that modern eyelash extensions are better than what came before.

They Don’t Involve Needles and Knots

Yes, needles used to be involved in eyelash extension treatments. Fortunately, this hasn’t been true since the Middle Ages. It turns out that one of the eyelash extension treatments recommended in Medieval France was one that involved sewing the hair cut from your head through your eyelids with a very fine needle. There was another gentler treatment that involved simply tying new hairs in knots to the original eyelashes. It’s not hard to imagine why this treatment just didn’t catch on!

Modern eyelash extensions don’t involve any poking or knots—just some gentle and easily removable glues.

They Aren’t Made of Random Animal Hairs

Though most of the best eyelash extensions are synthetic creations designed for safety and authenticity, you may still find eyelash extensions that are made of light mink hair. If you go further back in time however, you’ll find extensions made from whichever animal was local to the area. If their own head hairs weren’t stiff enough, more ancient humans experimented with otter, badger and even horse and camel hairs.

We’d love to be able to tell you that these hairs were all properly cleaned of the dander and mites native to these animals. Instead, we’re just going to remind you again that you’re really lucky to live in a world where modern extensions are available.

They Don’t Use Unsafe Glues

We use very specific glues for all of our eyelash extension procedures, but in the past (and at some less-reputable parlors today) they weren’t always as picky. Glues used for eyelash extensions fifty years ago were often produced/mixed by the beauticians themselves without any sterilization. Even if they were clean, these older glues produced tiny pores when they dried, and these pores were an ideal environment for bacteria growth. This area is very sensitive, so these older and improper glues could easily cause eye infections and allergic reactions.

It’s a good thing you won’t have to worry about these problems when it comes to modern eyelash extension. The cosmetic glues we use are specially formulated to be safe for use near the eyes. Glues used for cosmetics now undergo a rigorous approval process by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that they are safe, and we only used approved cosmetics.

Why Not Find Out How Far Eyelash Extensions Have Come?

Find out how far extensions have come by scheduling a treatment at Beauty Boutique LA. We promise, we won’t be poking your eyelids, or applying horse hairs with handmade glues. We like to do things the modern way.

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