Go MACRO with your MICROS! – The Lunchtime facelift is here!

If you are wondering how you can maximize your skincare routine and become immune to gravity’s not so funny joke, what I am about to tell you will make your frown turn upside down (take that, gravity!).

lunch time is just enough time to get an express facelift

I offer a treatment called The Lunchtime Facelift that you can do in the time it takes for you to head out and overpay for a lunch you will have with coworkers you do not like.

I like to marry a diamond tip microdermabrasion with a microcurrent therapy treatment.

The microdermabrasion polishes the outermost layer of skin removing dead cells that cause your skin to look dull and dry. The suction from the microdermabrasion brings blood flow to give you a colorful healthy glow as it initiates a detoxing result.

microcurrent facial in action

Then I love to go back to the skin in 4 different modalities of the microcurrent therapy.

Tama microcurrent machine

If you have never heard of microcurrent, here is a brief description below:

microcurrent facial treatment

Microcurrent is an efficient treatment for aging skin. Microcurrent (low level electrical current) triggers the body tissue and skin’s natural enhancement chemicals on a cellular level. Skin therapists love that it provides firming and toning benefits that lock in muscle memory and continues to improve the “fitness” of their clients skin with cumulative treatments.

microcurrent before and after of neck area
microcurrent anti-aging before and after
  • Healing (for hyperpigmentation, wounds, scars, under eye bags)
  • Fine Lines (really focus on the eye area, laugh lines, neck lines)
  • Lifting (really focus on lifting jowels, eyes, brows, and nasal labial folds)
  • Deep Penetration (I use this modality to drive in vitamins, proteins, or anything your skin needs in particular)

These two treatments blended into one can have you in and out of my treatment room by the time you need to make an appearance to that after lunch meeting.

Maximize your treatments with the 2 MICROS.

For appointment questions or questions pertaining to skincare feel free to email me natalie@beautyboutiquela.com or call the salon (818) 506-6400.

All my love to you, and happy MAY,

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Natalie Bolton,

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