3 Tips To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last

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Everyone of our clients loves their eyelash extensions, and love that they can wake up ‘done’ every morning. They love the compliments they get and they love how they look. But because they adore their lashes so much, they are absolutely terrified of losing them too, and we often hear about our clients avoiding water based activities like swimming or hot yoga for fear of their eyelashes getting damaged.

1.Eyelash extensions and water are best friends!

This post is going to dispel that myth, and alert you to the real enemy, oil! I’m not sure how this myth has become the accepted truth in some corners, but while it is true that you need to avoid contact with water immediately after you have had eyelashes applied to allow the adhesive to set, it doesn’t mean that you have to develop a deep a seated phobia of all things water just to keep your eyelashes in tip-top condition. In fact, to get the adhesive in our salon working at its best, we require a humidity of between 45-55% – so some humidity actually helps the bonding. If you thought lashes were great before, then you’re going to love them even more now that I’m about to tell you that having lash extensions does not require you to change your daily routine. Going to a spinning class? No problem! Doing a few lengths of the pool? Go for it! Feel like stretching your limbs in a hot yoga class? Stretch away! Your lash extensions should not get in the way of any of your regular activities.

2.Oil and eyelash extensions are not good friends

Now, on to the real enemy …. oil! Oil breaks down the bond between your natural lash and the lash extension and can cause your lash to unattach itself, leading to panic and screams!

There are lots of ways oil can find its way on to your lashes with oil based makeup products being the most common culprits. When purchasing products, make sure you avoid any products containing oil; make sure you read the ingredient label carefully – if in doubt, we sell a range of water based mascara and eyeliner at the salon that some of our clients rave over.

But alas, our own bodies scheme and plot to rid us of our beautiful lashes by producing a natural oil called sebum. Your hair follicles contain sebaceous glands, and they are responsible for producing sebum. This is a vital cog in your body’s machinery, and ensures your hair doesn’t dry out.

3.Care for your lashes with a lash shampoo

I can hear you saying to yourself that you’re hearing about a lot of problems, but not much in the way of solutions – is there anything you can do to preserve and protect your lashes? Well, I’m glad you asked, because there is! Lash Shampoo! Wash your lashes in the morning with your lash shampoo to keep your lashes free of impurities and oil.

Things only get better though, as you can make your own lash shampoo at home! All you need are the following ingredients:

baby shampoo – 1 oz
distilled water – 6 oz
baking soda – 1 teaspoon

mix the above ingredients together and store for when needed.

To use, take a small amount of the shampoo and gently shampoo it into your eyelashes along the full length. Rinse through with water and dry. Comb through your lashes with a mascara wand, and finally, you may optionally apply a lash sealant to give your lashes that extra layer of protection.

Hopefully I’ve been able to dispel the myths about water and lash extensions being mortal enemies, and brought to your attention the real enemy, oil!

About Author:

Kristin Fernandez - Eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping and waxing specialist

Kristen Fernandez is a beauty specialist extraordinaire! She combines her exceptional skill and precision as an eyelash extension specialist, with her dedication in artistry for creating the perfectly shaped eyebrow. And to add to her repertoire she is also highly efficient with waxing and hair removal.

Kristen has been a California licensed esthetician for several years, and has gained her experience within many leading establishments in both San Diego and Los Angeles. She is an Xtreme Lashes certified eyelash extension specialist, with experience in both classic lash application, and volume lash application. She is renowned for her speed, precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each and every eyelash client leaves with precisely the look they are after, whether that is just a bit of extra length and volume for a very natural look, or a glam full volume set that lights up the red carpet.

Many of Kristen’s eyelash clients, also turn to her for eyebrow shaping, and often do so at the same time they have their lash refills. Kristen has an amazing eye for choosing the best brow shape for her client’s face, and her clients leave the salon with beautifully shaped eyebrows, and luxurious eyelash extensions, which compliment each other perfectly.

Finally, Kristen achieves amazing results for her clients that require waxing services, removing hair with speed, precision and efficiency. She is very particular about the wax she uses, as she wants to ensure her clients get the best results, with the least amount of discomfort. She offers a full range of waxing services, including bikini wax and brazilian wax.

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