Sexify your Summer skin: What’s in your bag?

beautiful skin at the beach
Well summer is here and I can definitely be the first to say I am “stoked its summer!” – My favorite season. Period.

Let’s list just a few perks summer brings with her when she blows into town and posts up for a few months.

The Sun – How I love the sun.

Benefits of vitamin D for skin health

The sun gives us much-needed vitamin D. Vitamin D protects from immune dysfunction and mood disorders. Vitamin D is a huge disease fighter as well. Here is an article on Vit D that I found interesting:

Dr. L. Ray Matthews Unleashes the Power of Vitamin D

In this article the doctor states, “You can only make vitamin D from the last week in March until the first week in October,” he explains. “You need the sun at a ninety degree angle in the Northern Hemisphere to make vitamin D.” So in that case, get out there.

  • Play.
  • Surf.
  • Swim.
  • Lounge.
  • Talk.

Boost skin health during summer

Whatever you do just get out there and stay out there while you can. So what’s in your bag? Sun protection. Apply and reapply. But the overall point is some sun never hurt anyone.

epicuren sunscreen spf 30
keep skin healthy with osmosis sunscreen

Surf – Nothing is more healing and more powerfully aligning than salt water.

sea salt and waves promote healthy skin

The ocean houses negative ions. What are the benefits you ask? Negative ions promote alpha brain waves and increase brain wave amplitude, making us more aware. What also takes place with the benefits of negative ions is an enhanced mood, our senses are aroused, we get an increase in our sexual drive (yay), an improved appetite, allergy relief, migraine relief, a reduction of sinusitis, anxiety is reduced and the list goes on. So what does all this mean?

looking after skin on legs
looking out over the ocean

Play and dance in the powerful healing waters of the ocean. So what’s in your bag?

epicuren enzyme activated toner

Epicuren’s Protein Mist is super hydrating and is a great choice for spritzing post ocean water festivities. Refresh your skin and put back some moisture from the intoxicating salt water/sun cocktail. Drink up!

Don’t forget to restore and feed the skin on your entire body. So whats in your bag? Remember what it said above? That the ocean increases sex drive? Well, so does Corpus Dei Perfume oil. Nourish your skin and nourish your love life. Yep, I said it. Get to it.

corpus dei perfumes to keep your skin fresh

During the summer months, hair tends to want to dry out and the problem with that is now we are fighting off dry, brittle ends. Especially after saltwater exposure, hair can look and feel like a neglected horse’s tail. So whats in your bag?

egyptian magic for healthy hair
list of ingredients in egyptian magic

This is one of my “all time favorites for everything” product. Just investigate these ingredients…Amazing. A little dab will do ya. It will do your hair to penetrate and heal your ends. It will do your lips for a protective balm. It will do your heels and elbows to create a protective barrier. This “magic” is a power packed one stop shop in a pot.

So this will at least give you a great start for what to pick to weigh down your beach bag. These are all items that are worth the carry to the beach chair, I promise.
Most importantly, all these ingredients are stellar, yes. However, digging your toes deep into the warm sand, letting the sun kiss your body, and soaking in the moment holding a hand and being grateful is the greatest beauty tip I know of. Without gratitude and awareness for our blessings in each moment there is no magic product that will make us “beautiful”. Beauty comes from the joy in our hearts and the kindness of our spirit. I can’t tell you where to buy those things. They already exists within you.

You are already beautiful.

If you have any questions in regards to skincare or would like to book an appointment feel free to email me or call the salon (818) 506-6400.

All my best,

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