Summer Sun, Summer Sweat, Summer Refresh

summer sun
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I’ve said many times before that I love summer! It is my favorite season.

I love the heat. I love to sweat and I love to wear tanks and flip flops.

sunglasses and flip flops

That all sounds great and amazing, right?

Well… let me give you a little B.O. back story.


I haven’t worn conventional antiperspirant deodorant in probably 10 years or more. I don’t want to block the natural process of sweating and releasing toxins by wearing pore-clogging antiperspirant. Yes, I’m a hippie. I wear salt crystals with essential oils. I’ve even rubbed lemon halves etc.

There is aluminum in the portion of deodorant that gives it the sweat blocking effect. Various types of aluminum have been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you have ever had burning or a sore lump under your armpit it is due to lymph node clogging. Our lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in our body. It flushes and moves waste and toxins. When we block this system function the nodes can potentially become backed up and engorged resulting in trapped toxins floating through our system; unable to be released through sweat.

Hippie? Yes. But is this body science and the art of sweating a sophisticated process? Yes.

Here are some reasons why one might actually perspire and have an odor release. We shouldn’t necessarily have an odor while we sweat. But look at these elements in your lifestyle to see if you are guilty of any of these.

  • underlying condition or illness, particularly the lymphatic system
  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol
  • poor diet (e.g., meat, dairy, processed foods, refined starches and grains)
  • poor personal hygiene
  • stress
  • taking drugs

So what am I presenting to you? Am I presenting only one option? Are you destined to sweating and smelling? No.
I have found this amazing deodorant that I wear. I have men wearing this deodorant as well. It is all natural and blended with beautiful and elegant essential oils.

Ayah Botanica Original
Ayah Botanica Logo
Ayah Botanica Rose Geranium

My favorite blends are the “Original” and “Down To Earth”. There is also one specified for men that I wear also. And they are unisex so mix match, do whatever you like.
I sell these at my salon so if you want to join the healthy hippie movement, let’s go!

Hippie Peace Out

If you want to take on a mini cleanse try these detoxing cleansing herbs you can supplement into your diet. Rev up your lymphatic system and help it along.

  • Echinacea root
  • Goldenseal root
  • Octillo
  • Lobelia
  • Mulein Leaf
  • Red Root
  • Wild Indigo Bark
  • Chaparral, and
  • Burdock Root

Whatever route you take with smelling divine, sweating, and flushing your system-make it healthy and life giving. Give life to your body and give life to those in close proximity to you. Moral of the story: Get the B.O. handled!

Also a good summer refresher is Epicuren’s Cucumber mist.


Carry it with you to the beach. Pack it on a plane for hydration. Spritz after a killer crossfit sesh. It feels and smells great and it locks in moisture that sometimes the summer sun steals away.

Call the salon (818) 506-6400 or email me and mention this blog and receive a discount on your purchase of deodorant or the cucumber mist.

Keep on Keepin’on and FACE the Sun,

Natalie Bolton
Natalie Bolton,

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