Tis The Season: 5 Reasons to Gift a Facial for Christmas

If you’re thinking of what to get the important women of your life for Christmas, a great gift idea is a facial treatment! The nasty fact of the cold winter months is that it is awful for your skin in almost every way. For women of all ages and skin types, winter causes havoc and exacerbates any issues they already have. Thankfully there are numerous facial treatments to help their skin look good as new.


#1 — Treat Dehydrated Skin

In the winter your skin is exposed to a lot of dry air. It happens when you’re outside in the cold, as the subzero temperatures leave little moisture in the air. It also happens when you’re inside with most furnace systems—there’s a reason why humidifiers are popular during the winter, after all.

Some facial treatments are great for specifically rehydrating your skin. Facial peels, for example, can include nutrients and hydrating treatments for your skin to help moisturize them. You can also use treatments that use enzyme exfoliates.

#2 — Restore Damaged Skin

Sometimes your skin doesn’t get dried out by the winter, but actually gets damaged due to extreme dryness or exposure to harsh, cold winds. If you notice that your skin starts to become chapped and extremely dry, a good facial treatment can help restore the face to look fresh and smooth again.

Microdermabrasion treatments are great at removing the top layer of skin that is dead and damaged, and you can then request repair treatments that use essential fatty acids, collagen, lipids and peptides to restore the new, exposed layer.

#3 — Smooth Out Lines & Wrinkles

Another issue with the dry, harsh winter conditions is a lack of oxygen in your skin. The dryness and reduced air causes your fine lines and wrinkles to be more obvious and visible. Thankfully, there are facials specifically to rejuvenate skin with anti-aging treatments.

Facial peels, for example, use natural acids and chemicals to remove the lines, inconsistencies, and discoloration from the top layer of your skin. It leaves your new layer of skin looking smoother and younger, and uses nutrients and hydration to make sure it holds that younger look!

#4 — Treat Winter Acne Breakouts

On top of everything else, dry winter conditions also make acne worse. The harsh air strips your skin of the surface lipids and other protective nutrients your own skin usually generates. This makes it a lot easier for bacteria to get into your skin and cause breakouts.

If you know someone who hates having to deal with acne in the winter, you can get them facial treatments that specifically treat acne. Oxygen therapy and high-frequency devices kills the bacteria in your skin, followed by extractions to remove the acne and finished off by healing and protective treatments to make sure they don’t come back.

#5 — Gift A Treat!

Best of all, facial treatments make people feel much better. The dark, cold days can really get people’s moods down, but a day at a spa getting a facial treatment can help them relax for a little while. Afterwards when they see their skin problems are gone, they get to feel and look happy too!

Gifting a facial for Christmas may just be what the receiver needs to treat or restore their skin during cold temperature lows or to simply enjoy a much-needed day at the spa.

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