An Eyelash Extension Style Guide: Pros & Cons

If you’re thinking of getting eyelash extensions, you should know of the different styles and types available for you to choose from. Each of them will have their advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you ask the beauty salon or clinic for more information or advice if you’re not sure. Here’s our general guide to the different styles and types of eyelash extensions.

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Mink eyelash extensions are made from real mink fur and are the considered the top quality type to use. Since they’re made from real fur, they look very natural like hair and are very light and durable. Their lightness and durability also makes them comfortable to wear which means they can be made longer without breaking down or becoming uncomfortable.

The drawback of mink eyelash extensions is they are one of the more expensive options. The application of these lashes can take a bit more time than other types given how fine they are. Make sure to ask where the mink fur was harvested, because if it is from China or other countries with no regulations there’s a good chance the fur is not 100% mink and that the animals were killed or treated unethically. Mink eyelash extensions that are ethical will use fur that is brushed, so the animal is not mistreated or killed.

Synthetic (Mink)

Also known as acrylic extensions, synthetic eyelash extensions are artificially made to look like mink fur lashes. As far as the benefits go, they are cheaper than real mink extensions. They are noticeably blacker and shinier, as well as having greater variety of styles, including different color, length and curl varieties. With artificial mink extensions, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that no minks were mistreated to harvest their fur. As far as the treatment process, they are much quicker and easier to apply.

The one downfall, is that synthetic mink extensions don’t look as natural as real mink fur extensions, therefore it can be easier to tell that they’re fake when you’re up close. They also do not last as long and are heavier, which some people do find uncomfortable to wear. On the other side, they look more fake because they are thicker but that can also make you look more bold depending on the makeup and fashion style you pick.


Silk eyelash extensions are usually mixed with real and synthetic mink extensions to have some type of blend between the two materials. As a result, they are a bit of a more viable and cheaper alternative to the 100% mink fur eyelash extensions. Fortunately this means they are light, comfortable, and look more like natural eyelashes. They look a bit thicker than all mink extensions too, and come with a variety of curls and thickness depending on the blend.

The drawbacks of silk extensions are the same as with the synthetic ones, they are still not as natural looking, light, or durable as all mink fur extensions. Silk extensions, however, would be a middle ground between mink and synthetic mink eyelash extensions.

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