Natalie Bolton


Natalie Bolton brings with her a wealth of experience as a seasoned esthetician and is extremely passionate about skincare and the beauty industry. Specializing in providing her clients with facials that transform the skin, be it calming severe acne, or creating the perfect anti aging protocol, her treatments make others stand up and take notice. She believes that beautiful, flawless, glowing skin isn’t for the privileged few, it’s something that is attainable by everyone. When Natalie isn’t treating her clients, she is actively researching the latest ideas and techniques to enhance the skin’s appearance and its ability to defend against all the harmful elements. Understanding that skincare is an ever evolving science, she is always sampling and reviewing the latest product innovations. This allows her to ensure her clients get the best treatment available in the industry, and only the best products on the market touch their skin.

Combining her expertise as an esthetician, and being well versed in nutrition, she is able to treat the visible symptoms on the skin, and suggest changes to diet, or products, that may be the root cause behind skin problems. Be it the client who wants to turn back the clock and retain his or her skin’s youthfulness, or one with persistent, chronic acne or rosacea, Natalie has an impressive track record in helping a wide range of clients with varying skin concerns. Natalie understands that every person is different, and with that, everyone’s skin is unique. As a result, each facial is customized to each client’s specific needs, and her personalized touch ensures that each and every client gets the best possible treatment and results.

Some of her clients have previously called her the ‘skin whisperer’ and a ‘true healer’ due to her ability to resolve skin problems. Luckily these clients, after trying every option landed here and there skin has transformed.

Below are a few excerpts from some of her testimonials.

“I don’t have acne issues but have struggled with other skin issues like eczema and psoriasis and my skin improved in just one treatment! Natalie is a true healer …”

“I started seeing Natalie for her Non-Surgical Facelift back in January. After my second treatment, I drove directly to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit friends and I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin/face. My friends wanted to know my secret and swore I had gone “under the knife”. They could not believe that it was the result of a facial …”